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The associate of arts degree in music is a comprehensive program of solo and ensemble performance, music theory, musicianship, piano proficiency, and literature in which students complete typical lower-division requirements for transfer to many four-year institutions as music majors at the junior level.

Music Industry Studies (MUSX)

The department offers a vocational education certificate program in music industry studies. The MIS recording arts certificate prepares students for a career in the music and recording industries. The music industry, along with a growing number of manufacturing and information delivery industries, needs audio experts and musicians with technical skills and production experience. Students learn about the creation and production of recordings of music, and learn how to complete recording projects that are typical of those found in contemporary professional recording and production environments. For more information on Music Industry Studies (MUSX)

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Associate in arts degree in Music (MUSIC) AA
Music industry studies (MUSX) degree and certificate
Associate in Arts for transfer AAT
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DVC Music Department has a wide range of scholarships available for students participating in our musical each semester. Please fill out an application, or see your ensemble director for more infomation. (Coming Soon)

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